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This site is a free online catalogue for legal materials based in Tanzania which contains Court news, legal researches, sample legal documents, legislation, judicial decisions, research reports, features, Commentaries. The site was founded in 2008 by Jaba Tumaini Shadrack while pursuing his first degree at the University of Dar es Salaam.

This site shares key legal news across the world, based on their educational, jurisprudential, social and political values. The site is completely non-commercial, open to the public worldwide without requirement for subscription or registration. The contents of the Site are presented with high level of professionalism, objectivity and neutrality.

With regard to legal news, the Site shares selected headlines in the field of law by relying on reports of leading Media Houses globally, and more importantly disclosing the source of information and authorship. News reporting, in this Site, is modelled to that of JURIST (http://jurist.org/).  

The Site invites and publishes selected features, commentaries, court decisions, and short essays from volunteered scholars, law students, policy-makers and legal practitioners or any Individual who believes in the power of education in attaining social justice.

In exceptional circumstances, the Site accept compatible advertisements (AdSense) and donations to meet operating costs.

The site plans to become a fountain of legal materials in East Africa.

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